Shenzhen Hui He Qin Technology co., LTD., founded in 2009,Is a production of industrial ultrasonic humidification machine, high pressure micro fog humidification machine, wet membrane humidification machine and artificial fog, spray cooling and related equipment manufacturing enterprises.

        This series of equipment is widely used in: electronics industry (SMT, LCD, LED, IC packaging test, cell phones, etc.) of textile industry (woolen mill, mill, cotton mills, jute spinning, dyeing, etc.) printing industry (color printing, cigarette package, spreadsheets, printing, screen printing, water transfer printing, etc.), agriculture, aquaculture industry (needle mushroom, flower maintenance, citrus ripening fresh, cool birdhouse disinfection, etc.), construction (concrete maintenance, etc.), public facilities industry (airport lounge, waiting room, Internet cafes, golf arena, etc.), artificial landscape make fog... Customers in all over the country and exported to the United States, Japan, France, Malaysia, Australia, Vietnam and other countries.Since 2014, the company introduced a DOUBLE universal water technology from Japan. DOUBLE universal water is in the world the most safe and effective deodorant and disinfectant. More than 93% of the removal rate of ammonia smell...


Humidification engin..

Humidification engin..

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Wind cabinet humidif..

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Electronic humidific..

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Indoor spray cooling..

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